Acupuncture and Herbs for You

There are many, many branches in the Climate Justice movement for a cleaner environment. One  is pushing for cleaner energies, advanced technologies for power generation, recycling, electric cars. Others are all about water air and land clean up or political solutions (ha), and divesting from banks and pension funds that loan money to the fossil fuel industries.

Then there is the branch of water protectors. We apply pressure  by prayerful activism coming from a place of love and more dignity than I've ever seen, which actually slows  the damage that is being done every day by fossil fuel industries while the rest of you do what you do to help see the future of the next seven generations are able to keep living on  Mother Earth. 

What can you do?   Move your money out of the oil banks profiting from the extraction, transportation and processing of fossil fuels. Schedule a group meeting (email below) to learn about Divestment as a tool for change.  It's legal and free and safe.  Anyone has the power to move their money and help in a big way. Learn more at 

Email: to find out more about planning a DIVESTMENT presentation for you and any groups you belong to, or for family and friends. 

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Thank you for all you do.