Q: How long will it take to fix my problem?

A: If you come  in with a mild to moderately acute condition, usually we should see improvements within 4-6 treatments. If yours is a chronic condition (over 3 months), generally several sessions are necessary, the number depending on how long you've had the problem, or an underlying constitutional condition that is hindering your recovery.

What we look for is progress.  The effects of treatments are cumulative so if you've had a problem for years, 10-30 treatments are not out of the question, usually in 10 treatment courses with breaks in between.   It also matters what the rest of your health is like; what you eat, how your emotions are doing and the level of physical and/or mental stressors you experience on a daily basis. They all have a bearing on your ability to recover.

Q: How long does a treatment take?

A: About an hour; the first session may be a little longer.

Q: What if I don't like needles!

A; They like you.

Q: Do the needles hurt?

A: 99% of the time, no.  However, there are sensations that we need to get from the insertions, good sensations are a tingling or activity in the needled area, a "jolt", an electrical sensation, a slight pressure; these sensations last only a second.   What should not be felt is a burning or painful feeling, which means the needle is too close to a nerve, vein, artery, lymph vessel. Tell the practitioner at once and the needle will be adjusted so there is no discomfort.

Q: Do I eat before a treatment? 

A: Eat at least 2 hours before a treatment and wait at least an hour after one. Don't come in on a very full or empty stomach.  Don't drink alcohol or do drugs before a session.

Q: What else can you tell me so I'll feel comfortable coming in for my first treatment?

A: It is nothing like a doctor's visit. .  Acupuncture is done while you are lying on a massage  table. Music is playing. Wear comfortable loose clothes.  Some clothing may have to be removed to access the area needing treatment, and you will be covered as much as possible with a light blanket. At no time will you be asked to disrobe completely.  You are handed a buzzer to push in case you need anything while you're on the table healing.


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