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My understanding of why some Western Drugs have so many side effects

They are not whole.  They are made of components or synthetic chemicals to approximate molecules found in  organic substances that are used as  medicine for  illnesses and pain. 

This component is split off from its family of components that make a leaf a leaf, for example.  This one molecule does not know how to behave on its own in a human body. It often does not process out, but creates damage along the way as it careens out of control once it's done what it was supposed to do, maybe.... 

It has lost it's intelligence of being a leaf.

Do you really need to take a prescription for Cholesterol and have to get your liver and kidney checked for damage once every 3 months?  

Go to for different information on Cholesterol.

These medicinals consist of roots, barks, leaves, flowers, minerals and shells. Chinese herbs enter the meridian system to assist the body/mind/spirit in healing specific areas or ailments. I use only GMP (General Manufacturing Process) approved herbs in my formulas, which guarantee the level of cleanliness, processing and ingredients a manufacturer must follow in order to pass into the United States.

Chinese medicinals have been studied for well over 5,000 years.  The first artifacts listing botanicals are dated from 1066 to 221 BC.  The first text, Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (Divine Husbandman's Classic of the Materia Medica) came along in the 2nd century AD. Many more texts followed, each expanding on and refining the uses of each individual herb and those combined in formulas. The works of herbal medicine (and acupuncture) are still being translated. 

The toxicity of Chinese herbal medicine is low; not nonexistent, but very, very low compared to Western pharmaceuticals, and are often used in conjunction.  Some herbs and drugs are not to be used together, which any educated, licensed herbalist can tell you. 

The herbal formulas  I prescribe come in pill, tablet or powdered form.