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Chinese medical theories state that Qi is the initiator of the energy it takes to be alive. It inspires your organs to function, mind to think, blood to flow,  nerves to fire and heart to feel.  If the Qi is deficient or blocked from flowing through the pathways (meridians) it follows,  then illness relative to the location of the imbalance or the organ function associated with the location of the imbalance will be impaired.

​Acupuncture can unblock or boost your Qi function. When the Qi flows, illness can subside. Sterile, stainless steel disposable needles are inserted along these meridians at particular locations known as acupuncture points, where the Qi collects at the most superficial level.  Insertion depths vary usually from .1 inch to .5 inches The stimulation of the needles inspires Qi to either disperse, gather or harmonize,  thereby balancing your body and allowing you to heal yourself.

​A wonderful side effect of acupuncture is a deep feeling of relaxation which often has a lasting effect. 

Many people who have lived with a certain condition for so long believe that they will just have to go on living with it.  Acupuncture has succeeded many times where other methods of treatment have not. 

It's about balance
       In Life
In Emotions
       In Work
In Play
       In Thought
In Action
       In Stillness
In Behavior